The Elliots new album “Love|Decay” out June 10th

Photo: David Comino


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On their new single, “When Evil Happens”, The Elliots cooperate with singer/songwriter Camela Leierth. The dramatic duet indicates how the band’s new album “Love|Decay” will sound.

Together with producer Charles Storm, The Elliots have developed a darker, more atmospheric sound. The new songs get their potency and melodies from American indierock, but classic English Britpop from the eighties and nineties also influences the band.

– At first, we wanted the record to sound like REM’s “Automatic For The People”. But the material took us in other directions, says singer Petur Olafsson. Our arrangements tend to get more grandiose than we originally plan. But there are also some songs on the record that are stripped down to only vocals, piano and strings. The record as a whole sounds like a hybrid of Nick Cave and The Killers.

The name of the new album relates to the realities of long-lived-in relationships, the bonds that tie so tight they either save you or choke you. The record deals with the band members’ life situations – the time when suddenly your past effects life just as much as your future possibilities.

The Elliots’ first album “Bullet for Pretty Boy” was released in early 2008. Five of the songs from the album have been in the U.S. series and movies such as “Melrose Place”, “Kyle XY”, “Veronica Mars”, “Moonlight” and “American Pie – The Book of Love”.

Read The Elliots biography here.

Fredrik Berggren +46 73-638 28 3
Petur Olafsson +46 70-531 51 57

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