About The Elliots


The Elliots is a Swedish alternative rock band formed in 1990 in Gothenburg. The band consists of vocalist Petur Olafsson, guitarist Christian Rosengren, lead guitarist Fredrik Berggren  and drummer Mathias Flodin. The band’s musical style is powerful indie-rock, putting emphasis on great melodies and heartfelt songwriting ranging from mellow melancholy to rousing energy.

The Elliots from Gothenburg, Sweden

The Elliots from Gothenburg, Sweden

The Elliots incorporate influences from rock, pop, punk and americana. In reviews their music has been compared to The Soundtrack of our Lives, The Triffids, The Cure and U2.


The members of the group have been friends since youth. Fredrik Berggren, Christian Rosengren and Petur Olafsson went to the same school outside of Gothenburg. Christan Rosengren’s and Mathias Flodin’s families spent their summers on a small island outside the west coast of Sweden.

In the 90’s they called themselves Beep and recorded a handful of demos aspiring on a record deal. They got good reviews and some attention in radio and music magazines, but never got signed to any major label. The legendary Swedish music magazine POP included them a list called “Bra för att vara svenskt” (Good even though it’s Swedish) alongside well-known artists like Soundtrack of Our Lives and Staffan Hellstrand.

After a break for a couple of years in the early 2000’s, the band decided to make a new start. They took a new band name, The Elliots, and started recording an album in Studio Cloudchamber with producer Charles Storm. Charles had worked with Scandinavian artists like Blue for Two, Staffan Hellstrand, Mazarine Street and David Urwitz. The recordings were made in only two weeks and led the band in new musical directions. The result became nine songs featured on the album “Bullet for Pretty Boy”.

Shortly after the release of “Bullet for Pretty Boy” The Elliots were approached  by Crucial Music, an Hollywood based online service that provides music supervisors, music editors and creative directors in the American TV and movie industry with songs from independent record labels and artists. This has led to placements of The Elliots music in highly rated television shows like Kyle XY, Close To Home and Moonlight.

In 2011 the band released their second album “Love|Decay”, which showed a darker, moodier side of the band. The first single “When Evil Happens” was a atmospheric duet with Swedish singer-songwriter Camela Leierth. The next single “Blood Call” was a track that the band recorded during the sessions for “Love|Decay”, but it was never included on the album. The song was released after it was used on the soundtrack of “The Vampire Diaries”.

The Elliots run their own label, Rocketride Recordings.


Blood Call, single – 2011 (Rocketride Recordings, RRR 1006)

Love | Decay, Album – 2011 (Rocketride Recordings, RRR 1004)

When Evil Happens, single feat. Camela Leierth – 2011 (Rocketride Recordings, RRR 1003)

Bullet for Pretty Boy, Album – 2007 (Rocketride Recordings, RRR 1002)

Catch My Fall, EP – 2006 (Rocketride Recordings, RRR 1001)

Groove CD – Collection – 2007 (Groove Magazine)

The Circus, Collection – 2007 (Wonderland Records & Faktum)

3 Responses to “About The Elliots”

  1. Where can I buy your new CD ? CDBABY and others are only offering Downloads.

    • theelliots Says:

      Hi Ralf

      The CD just will be available through CDBaby very shortly. They have received CD:s, so you probably will be able to order it next week already.

      The Elliots

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