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Blood Call on Spotify

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“Blood Call” is now available on Spotify. After it’s exclusive premiere on Vampire Diaries the track has almost 10.000 views on YouTube.

Love | Decay on Spotify

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Hi everybody… Our new album “Love|Decay” was finally added to Spotify this week. Click and listen!

This magnificent music service with millons of free songs has just launched in the US. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Spotify and listen to The Elliots today.

Finally on Spotify

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This might seem like old news, because already in March 2009 we reported that our album “Bullet for Pretty Boy” was up for release on Spotify. But due to some misunderstandings the record never turned up there.

But this time it’s true. If you are signed up to Spotify you can listen to the songs here.

Spotify is a music streaming service. In Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom you can get a free version. In other European countries there is a premium version. Unfortunatly Spotify isn’t available in The Unites States yet, but there are plans to launch it there in 2010.

Eric Ramsey + one Elliot

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The Elliots’ lead vocalist Petur Olafsson is featured on a new track by Eric Ramsey. The song is called “Cut Set” and you can enjoy it by clicking here.

Eric Ramsey ElliotsbildRamsey is influenced by a wide array of diverse impressions ranging from video games and motion pictures via books and comics to Swedish folk music, hip hop and punk rock. He often invites other artists to participate – thus creating a playful and unpredictable sound. Musically he mainly stumbles around in the fields of mellow pop and electronic music, but he also tends to pick various colors and flavors from neighboring genres.

This is the fourth release in four months from Eric Ramsey and more is to come. Listen to the music on Spotify or purchase an electronic copy at one of the major mp3-dealers online.

Soon on Spotify

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Spotify logoGood news! In the coming weeks you will be able to stream The Elliots music on Spotify, the hottest digital music service of the moment. The deal is made with CD Baby, one of the largest digital distributors of independent music, and adds a million brand new tracks to Spotify, many from tiny labels and self-releasing artists, including The Elliots. 

Read more here.