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The Vampire Diaries

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Whoa, the site was stormed by The Vampire Diaries fans after The Elliots were featured on the show last week. The song called “Blood Call” is currently un-released, but will soon be available as a single on iTunes. Meanwhile you can check out our other two albums “Bullet for Pretty Boy” and “Love|Decay”…

Come back for updated info very soon.

Love | Decay on Spotify

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Hi everybody… Our new album “Love|Decay” was finally added to Spotify this week. Click and listen!

This magnificent music service with millons of free songs has just launched in the US. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Spotify and listen to The Elliots today.

Our first merch (well…t-shirts anyway)

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The Elliots t-shirt beigeLove|Beige (T-shirt 100% cotton/Unisex/M, L, XL)

You’re not a flashy person. You’re subtle. Modest. Maybe you read superhero comics, but you’d never think of wearing a cape to work. This shirt, on the other hand screams The Elliots — in a subtle way. Wear it to hang out with your friends. Wear it to a bar to pick up women (or men). Wear it under your business suit so that when it’s time for you to save the day, you can rip open that boring outfit Marvelman-style and expose your secret superhero identity at last. And finally get the chick. (Or dude.)

Price: Sweden – 100 SEK. Europe – €10 Euro. World – $15 US dollars. (Postage not included)
The Elliots t-shirt black

Black|Decay (T-shirt 100% cotton/Unisex/M, L, XL)

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve loved black. You don’t know why: black shoes, black belts and black guitars. OK, you don’t drink your coffee black and you’re scared of the dark. Still, black’s always been your style. Or maybe it hasn’t, but it should be. You’re self-assured! Or maybe not, but you want to be. Either way, this black “Love|Decay” t-shirt projects confidence like nobody’s business. With this on, forget rock chic: this is rock sexy.

Price: Sweden – 100 SEK. Europe – €10 Euro. World – $15 US dollars. (Postage not included)

How to buy
If you want to buy a t-shirt, send us an email at and we’ll figure out how much the postage will be. Don’t forget to tell us what t-shirt color and size you want, plus your full address.

We only accept Paypal. We’ll try to reply within a couple of days so if you haven’t heard from us in a week, your email probably got lost on the way, so try again.

Rave reviews for “Love | Decay”

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“Dark, moody, hard and honest. The new album from this Gothenburg band has something for everyone. I myself am in love. I give it my highest rating, a five. Finally.”
5/5 —  Christoffer Nielsen, Västerviks Tidningen

“Though there is no doubt that The Elliots can easily fill an arena with their awesomeness, but where the band really excels is in their quieter offerings.”
—  Will, Tympanogram

“The Gothenburg band The Elliots uses the same kind of lush and emotionally charged effects that built The National’s pop historical sadness on High Violet.”
4/5Philp Enestubbe, Smålandsposten

“A dramatic duet with Swedish chanteuse, Camela Leierth, lead single When Evil Happens is a particularly nice slice of this noirish pie.”
—  Richard Morgan, My Old Kentucky Blog

“On ”Love | Decay” they melt together influences from The Cure, Nick Cave and U2 into their very own version of atmospheric pop music.”
4/5 — Andreas Jakobsson, Upsala Nya Tidning

“…this is something special. The emotional songs and melodies are magical.”
Magnus, Kentuckyseven

“The music sounds larger than the band, at any level, but even though I have heard all these melancholy sounding tools used before I like the sound of grown men revelling in their teenage angst.”
3/5Johan Lindqvist, Göteborgs Posten

“There aren’t enough of these songs these days, so i grab them whenever i can. See what you think.” — Stephen Marshall, The List

“…the majority of songs are nice pop songs with a slightly darker undertone…”
4/ 5 Peter Alzén, Gävle Dagblad

“The Elliots’ ability to juggle their dark juggernauts with more radio-friendly efforts, and occasionally interweave the two, is one of their strengths and will be one of the reasons for Love|Decay’s future success.” – Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

“The Elliots’ vocalist Petur Olafsson has a bass voice that gives me hot chills. It sounds like U2, The Killers, Coldplay and sometimes even like Nick Cave.” — Jessica Svefors, Skivkoll

“The songs are at their best in the backseat of a taxi on a rainy autumn night in a neon-glittering metropolis where everyone seems to have given up. Alternatively, very early one summer morning down at the water’s edge when the air stands still and the clouds are reflected in the water.” –Robert Ryttman, Zero Music Magazine

Buy the music

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Album “Love|Decay” (2011)

Cover Image Love|Decay1. Hold On
2. Don’t Look Back
3. When Evil Happens (feat. Camela Leierth)
4. Search And Disbelief
5. Desolate (L`Étranger)
6. Homebound
7. Totally Wrong
8. Never Let You Down
9. Love Will Break Us
10. Kill for Love
11. On The Ledge

Download: Itunes Amazon Rhapsody Tradebit Emusic
Buy CD: CDBaby
Stream: Napster

____________________________________________________________________________ Album “Bullet for Pretty Boy” (2008)

1. Catch My Fall (In It For Me)
2. Avida Dollars
3. Forever Distant
4. Bullet For Pretty Boy
5. Mathematics
6. Without You
7. Cut Back
8. Beautiful Wonderful
9. Tell Us

Download: Itunes Amazon Rhapsody Tradebit Emusic
Buy CD: CDBaby   
Stream: Napster 

____________________________________________________________________________ Single “When Evil Happens” (2011)

The Elliots feat. Camela LeierthSingle feat. Camela Leierth.

Download: Itunes Amazon Rhapsody Tradebit

____________________________________________________________________________Single “Blood Call” (2011)

The Elliots

Single. Previously un-released.

Download: iTunes CD Baby Amazon Rhapsody Verizon

The Elliots to release new album in June

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Cover Image Love|Decay

The Elliots will release their second album, Love|Decay, on June 10. It contains 11 new tracks produced by Charles Storm. The record will be the band’s first since 2008’s ‘Bullet For Pretty Boy’.

The name of the new album relates to the realities of long-lived-in relationships, the bonds that tie so tight they either save you or choke you. It also reflects the darker and moodier sound that evolved during the recording of the album.

The tracklisting for ‘Love|Decay’ is:

1 Hold On

2 Don’t Look Back

3 When Evil Happens

4 Search And Disbelief

5 Desolate (L’Étranger)

6 Homebound

7 Totally Wrong

8 Never Let You Down

9 Love Will Break Us

10 Kill For Love

11 On The Ledge

The first single When Evil Happens features guest vocals by Camela Leierth. More information coming soon.