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Are you looking for a track by The Elliots from a certain TV-show or film, but can’t seem to find it? Well, as there’s been some confusion about the titles of songs featured on different soundtracks, we just want to straighten out a few things.

In some music lists from official tv-show websites or fan forums you will find alternative titles to a few of our songs. These titles – that originally only were meant for music supervisors and music directors from TV networks and film studios – have sometimes been published without reference to the original titles. Nonetheless all of the songs are included on “Bullet for Pretty Boy” or “Love|Decay”.

And just to add to the confusion: In the end credits for “American Pie: The Book of Love” The Elliots has been misspelled as The Elliotts.

Here is the complete song title guide:


Alternative title

Original title

The Vampire Diaries

303 The End of The Affair

 Blood Ball

Blood Call

Switched at Birth

11 Starry Night

Don’t Look Back

Salem Falls

Lifetime movie

When Evil Happens

American Pie: The  Book of Love

In It For You

Catch My Fall

Melrose Place

1:8 Gower

Find My Way

Cut Back


1:13 Fated to Pretend

Tell Us


1:3 Dr Feelgood

Catch My Fall

Kyle XY

2:19 First Cut Is The  Deepest

Cut Back

Kyle XY

2:16 Great  Expectations

Find My Way

Cut Back

Close to Home

2:16 Internet Bride

Catch My Fall

Kingdoms of Grace


Beautiful Wonderful

Kingdoms of Grace

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Kingdoms of Grace

A song from The Elliots can be heard on the soundtrack to a web series called ‘Kingdoms of Grace’. The moody ballad ‘Beautiful wonderful’ is used in episode 8 of this brand new series that only can be viewed on the web.

Kingdoms of Grace is a mix of animation and real action. The supernatural adventure plays sort of like Buffy meets the DaVinci Code. 

The Elliots music has been featured in other major TV-series with songs taken from their album “Bullet for Pretty Boy”:

“Kyle XY” – “Cut back”
“Moonlight” – “Tell us” & “Catch my fall”
“Close to Home” – “Catch my fall”

Watch Kingdoms of Grace at