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The Vampire Diaries

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Whoa, the site was stormed by The Vampire Diaries fans after The Elliots were featured on the show last week. The song called “Blood Call” is currently un-released, but will soon be available as a single on iTunes. Meanwhile you can check out our other two albums “Bullet for Pretty Boy” and “Love|Decay”…

Come back for updated info very soon.

Buy the music

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Album “Love|Decay” (2011)

Cover Image Love|Decay1. Hold On
2. Don’t Look Back
3. When Evil Happens (feat. Camela Leierth)
4. Search And Disbelief
5. Desolate (L`Étranger)
6. Homebound
7. Totally Wrong
8. Never Let You Down
9. Love Will Break Us
10. Kill for Love
11. On The Ledge

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____________________________________________________________________________ Album “Bullet for Pretty Boy” (2008)

1. Catch My Fall (In It For Me)
2. Avida Dollars
3. Forever Distant
4. Bullet For Pretty Boy
5. Mathematics
6. Without You
7. Cut Back
8. Beautiful Wonderful
9. Tell Us

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____________________________________________________________________________ Single “When Evil Happens” (2011)

The Elliots feat. Camela LeierthSingle feat. Camela Leierth.

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____________________________________________________________________________Single “Blood Call” (2011)

The Elliots

Single. Previously un-released.

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Finally on Spotify

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This might seem like old news, because already in March 2009 we reported that our album “Bullet for Pretty Boy” was up for release on Spotify. But due to some misunderstandings the record never turned up there.

But this time it’s true. If you are signed up to Spotify you can listen to the songs here.

Spotify is a music streaming service. In Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, France, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom you can get a free version. In other European countries there is a premium version. Unfortunatly Spotify isn’t available in The Unites States yet, but there are plans to launch it there in 2010.

Start-up in the studio

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Studio Cloudchamber

Rehearsal sessions for the new album have now officially started. At the first meeting in Cloudchamber we started working on arrangements together with producer Charlie Storm that also labored with the band on “Bullet for Pretty Boy”. From roughly twenty songs we singled out “Believe” (working title) to start off with. Loads of new ideas and nice vibes came out of a very pleasant first day in the studio.

Only time will tell when we will start the actual recording of the record. Right now we are just getting re-acquainted with the material, adding more structure to the songs and trying to figure out a direction for the overall sound .

Order “Bullet for Pretty Boy”

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The Elliots


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It Could Be A Fight

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OK. Let’s get this blog on the road!

The Elliots are writing and preparing music for the follow-up to 2007’s “Bullet for Pretty Boy”. You can follow our work on this blog. We will be posting pictures, video clips and much more.

We have already posted some facts about the band and the first of (hopefully) a few video reports.

The video below shows The Elliots recording demos in Doctor Studios, our own home studio and rehearsal space. At the moment we have about 30 rough song ideas that we are trying develop further, while we also record new ideas that are coming up along the way.

Stay tuned for more…