Our first merch (well…t-shirts anyway)

The Elliots t-shirt beigeLove|Beige (T-shirt 100% cotton/Unisex/M, L, XL)

You’re not a flashy person. You’re subtle. Modest. Maybe you read superhero comics, but you’d never think of wearing a cape to work. This shirt, on the other hand screams The Elliots — in a subtle way. Wear it to hang out with your friends. Wear it to a bar to pick up women (or men). Wear it under your business suit so that when it’s time for you to save the day, you can rip open that boring outfit Marvelman-style and expose your secret superhero identity at last. And finally get the chick. (Or dude.)

Price: Sweden – 100 SEK. Europe – €10 Euro. World – $15 US dollars. (Postage not included)
The Elliots t-shirt black

Black|Decay (T-shirt 100% cotton/Unisex/M, L, XL)

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve loved black. You don’t know why: black shoes, black belts and black guitars. OK, you don’t drink your coffee black and you’re scared of the dark. Still, black’s always been your style. Or maybe it hasn’t, but it should be. You’re self-assured! Or maybe not, but you want to be. Either way, this black “Love|Decay” t-shirt projects confidence like nobody’s business. With this on, forget rock chic: this is rock sexy.

Price: Sweden – 100 SEK. Europe – €10 Euro. World – $15 US dollars. (Postage not included)

How to buy
If you want to buy a t-shirt, send us an email at info@theelliots.se and we’ll figure out how much the postage will be. Don’t forget to tell us what t-shirt color and size you want, plus your full address.

We only accept Paypal. We’ll try to reply within a couple of days so if you haven’t heard from us in a week, your email probably got lost on the way, so try again.

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