The Elliots to release new album in June

Cover Image Love|Decay

The Elliots will release their second album, Love|Decay, on June 10. It contains 11 new tracks produced by Charles Storm. The record will be the band’s first since 2008’s ‘Bullet For Pretty Boy’.

The name of the new album relates to the realities of long-lived-in relationships, the bonds that tie so tight they either save you or choke you. It also reflects the darker and moodier sound that evolved during the recording of the album.

The tracklisting for ‘Love|Decay’ is:

1 Hold On

2 Don’t Look Back

3 When Evil Happens

4 Search And Disbelief

5 Desolate (L’Étranger)

6 Homebound

7 Totally Wrong

8 Never Let You Down

9 Love Will Break Us

10 Kill For Love

11 On The Ledge

The first single When Evil Happens features guest vocals by Camela Leierth. More information coming soon.


One Response to “The Elliots to release new album in June”

  1. Great! Looking forward to it!

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