Video shoot

Gothenburg viewThis weekend the band has been busy like you can’t believe. First up was a small gig at Kulturnatta in Gothenburg – one night of dance, exhibitions, theatre, poetry and music around the city. It was a great evening with the band playing old and new songs more or less acoustically. We also threw in two of our own favorite covers; “Oh My Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams and  “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” by The Korgis.

Then it was time for a spontaneous video shoot on a windy and cold Sunday afternoon. Conversations commenced, debates were introduced and in the end “Hold On” was picked to be the song to be treated with moving pictures.

We felt that the grandiose instrumental arrangement needed a fitting setting. When Charles found an old silo in the harbour with a stunning view over the city, we promtly moved all our gear up the long and winding stairs to shoot the main performance scene on top of the building. A small accident occurred though. On the way up Petur got an attack of lumbago. He was carrying a drum up the stairs and strained his back, but still managed to get himself to the top. Oouch, the pain!

Time for camera and action. We had to hide from the rain a couple of times, but all in all everything went smoothly. Petur looked a bit rigid and suffering from his back pain, but that only fits the song the director said.

The Elliots video shoot

The Elliots video shoot


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