Breaking the summer silence

After a well-deserved summer break The Elliots returned to the studio this week. Producer Charles Storm hunkered down with parts of the band to record live strings on seven of the tracks.

The Elliots gazed in amazement as super-string-arranger Mattias Bylund and Charles Storm worked their magic together. Mattias Bylund has created some really cool string arrangements that beautifully compliment the mood of the songs. From big, lavish orchestrations to subtle, lingering nuances that color the music brilliantly.

The strings where played by Mattias Johansson (violin) and David Bukovinszky (cello). These two hard-core professionals worked up a sweat, as the session went on for over ten hours. But with excellent results – hats off for their masterful playing!

After adding a few more vocals Charles soon will start mixing the record. That probably will take a couple of weeks. After that we hope to give you some samples of the new songs…

Thank you everyone who participated so far. All of us are so excited for the future and for all the music to come. We’ll check back with you good folks later!


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